Eureka Productions recognized for cutting edge documentaries and social issues videos

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Eureka Productions won 14 awards this month at the 45th annual Worldfest-Houston International Film festival.

“We are delighted to say that your Remi Award assumes a very special significance this year, as more than 4,200 category entries were competing from 32 countries,” said Hunter Todd, director of Worldfest Houston.

Eureka Productions awards include “how- to” instructional videos, and documentaries about world peace, ‘breaking news,’ sports, fitness and healing, the integration of spiritual teachings in Indian government policies and more.

Eureka has previously won awards for its documentaries on Afghanistan, Central America, the Himalayas, sustainable logging, sustainable farming and more.

Eureka Productions, based in Mendocino and Truckee, Calif. specializes in martial arts, healing, and social issues documentary videos. The company’s martial arts production department focuses on cutting edge presentations of gigong, meditation, healing and the internal martial arts.

Statement from Hunter Todd founding director Worldfest Houston:

“More than 550 international filmmakers attended the 10 day cinema and video celebration and conference with masters classes in various aspects of film production,, finance, and distribution. We were blessed with filmmakers from all over the world; China, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, Thailand, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Nepal, Nigeria, England, Mexico, France, Germany, Spain, Russia, Bosnia, Eritrea, Croatia, Iraq, Iran, Canada, India, Pakistan, Italy, Taiwan, Israel, Japan, Germany, Scotland, Hungary, Lithuania, Slovenia, Bermuda, Viet Nam, Serbia, Poland, Greece, England, Poland, and even the good old USA!!!

“WorldFest did give first honors to Spielberg, Lucas, David Lynch, Ang Lee, Ridley Scott, The Coen Brothers, Brian De Palma, John Lee Hancock, Randal Kleiser and many more, so it is not only one of the longest-running film festivals in the world, it is also one of the most significant! We hope that we will be adding your name to that wonderful list of WorldFest Alumni very soon! My personal congratulations for a job very well done.”


On the Road with Shri Vibhu Ji “Tame the Mind”
1. Television Cable & Web-based productions Religion & Spirituality Gold
Ken Anderson: Sharing Tales from the Iditarod Trail
1. Television, Cable & Web-based productions Education Gold

India Welcomes the World
1. Television Cable & Web-based productions Religion & Spirituality Silver

The Marriage of Knowledge & Action with Satpal Maharaj 1. Films & Video Productions Ethic / Cultural: Silver

Masters on the Mountain : “Playing Martial Arts for the Fun of It” winning in 4 categories listed below:
1. Live Action with little or no dialogue: Silver
2. Sports (Television Cable and Web based productions) Bronze
3. Independent short subjects “live action Bronze”
4. Fitness “Commercials and Public Services” Bronze

The Problem is no Problem (with Mahatma Faqiranand)
1. Film and Video Productions Religion /Ethic /Spirituality Bronze
2. Television, Cable and web-based production: Live Events Bronze
3. Religious Programs “Television cable and web-based productions” Bronze

A Testament to Tong Ren
1. Television Cable & Web based “Local Public Service” Bronze
Occupy Wall Street
1. Television, Cable & Web-based productions “Single breaking news story coverage” Bronze

The Deflection, Absorption & Emission of Energy with Sergey Makarenko
1. Television, Cable and Web-based Productions Live Events Bronze

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