Praise for Eureka Productions videos and publications

“A true and dramatically sobering document to our continuing mis-understanding of the Nicaraguan people.” [Dinner in Manaqua]

— OLIVER STONE Academy Award Winning Director of Platoon, JFK, Natural Born Killers & more.

“For once I thought I was looking at truth instead of a news report where the point of view had already been arrived at.”

— ALAN PARKER Director, Angela’s Ashes, Evita, Mississippi Burning & more.

“Thank you for the tape Dinner in Managua. Tape is a marvelous tool for the disenfranchised. The regular methods of disseminating information –movies and television–are closing fast and the truth is indeed the first victim in the war against Nicaragua.”

— HASKELL WEXLER Academy Award winning Cinematographer, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, American Graffiti, The Thomas Crown Affair & more.

“Thank you for for giving me a copy of the Eureka Video Magazine. I found the segment on Nicuaragua particularly interesting. I have long believed that our policies in Central America have been misdirected.”

— Former US Senator George Mitchell [Maine]

“I just got through watching the DVD Forging a Cherokee Life, that’s one of them most beautiful pieces of film I’ve ever seen it was totally awesome, it was totally enthralling—I love it and I loved watching it and I’d like to try to get a hold of this guy and talk to him about setting up a thing and maybe coming to my house and helping me set up  a little shope there and help me make knives.”


Hello from Sydney, Australia! I was too excited not to write. I am a lover of chess, an admirer of the martial arts, and a believer in sustainable agriculture – so I was overwhelmed to discover (quite by accident) this site, that promotes Willem de Thouar and John Jeavons both, both martial arts and gardening! When I think of it now, it stands to reason: I believe that the principle of both self-defense and micro-farming is freedom, and self-determination. Thank you (I mean, your community) for existing!