Our man on the spot


Adnan Farham Abdul Latif apparently accepted psychiatric medications casually left as potentially Guantanamo assisted suicide which rescued prison authorities of responsibility.

Just as Athenian justice required Socrates take the hemlock himself so that the body politic could keep his hands clean (other than those grating mortar and pestle in lethal preparation) but Socrates had been a pain in the ass to the Athenian body politic and Adnan though ordered freed several time by generals,  panels and judges ( he said he came to Afghanistan  to seek services of a medical charity before the war) not realizing he would end up as one of the one of the first captured to become a tenured citizen of Guantanamo Bay.

As Socrates ever never yielded to the political persuasion of dutiful submissive citizenship – so Adnan never its said submitted to the terms of his Guantanamo imprisonment even in his last days when they put him into a cell echoing from the generator anchored to the intervening wall.  A cell he has dreaded. Instead he would determine his incarcerated fate even unto the gates of hell.  “He would not let them (the guards) set the terms of his imprisonment” *New York Times* November 29, 2012

He regularly was placed in a restraining chair and forced fed when attempting hunger strikes.

Socrates said the same thing all those years ago; people don’t like it when you think for yourself.  Bruce says thats why he honored Alexander Cockburn so much, he was among the few who did think for himself.  Socrates said all could as well if they sought the light he had found inside himself.  Instead of seeing only that which can be bought or sold or in Adnan’s case, told.

It must be said here that one guard looking over these unclassified notes said “what a huge pile of bullshit – Adnam was no fucking Socrates just a raghead determined to take the little space we gave him and make it into a mile of official ‘better look into this one’ before some crinkle head in the ACLU makes a federal case out of it.

But don’t worry about the Queda Brotherhood has no truck with autopsies so let’s freeze his ass as a Yemeni  iced pie and send him home’ (the Times November 29, 2012 says that’s what they did.)

Nelson Mandela says in his bookConversations with Myself, “ …and you found, you know, the resistance, the ability of the human spirit to resist injustice right inside prison… there were many men…who would prefer punishment and even assault rather than give in. “

Now about Bradley Manning

But that not what the boys at Quantico did to that little piss ant stoolie, Bradley Manning.  They kept the light on the little mother fucker even when he was taking a shit – and he had to jump up and stand at attention
“Tench-hut”, when he needed something to wipe his ass with.  (Democracy Now December 3, 2012)

If the little fuck face turned his head away from the light even when asleep, they said ‘wake up you little fuck, and turn over.’

And that came from the top where they could care less about that Hippocratic Oath thing – let the boy tell something useful. (Forget what the commissioned MDs say, they work for us)   Then he can squirm one eye around and see the light of day reflected off a petty officer’s used Suburban parked out by the main gate – the car of choice shipped to San Salvador for the unfairly termed “death squads” (shipped directly from Michigan with tinted windows and escape proof doors).The prototype for child proof locks

  • Radioactive Promises

On the other hand hemlock’s modern offspring- like birds evolving from dinosaurs – come with radioactive promise.

That’s what they dug up Yasser Arafat to find if the Israelis had sent him a get well snack (and it wasn’t dates and almonds) when he was in that French hospital.

It’s also said that if you get on the wrong side Putin (even if you have done a stint in KGB before becoming an independent contractor) don’t drink tea with friends of his, unless you bring your own sugar.  And if you are a journalist they won’t waste something the Iranians want so badly on a pencil pusher, just an ounce of lead (a bullet).

Bloomberg Knows

But Mayor Bloomberg proved to the world he was no-one-trip-pony when he raised the ante on the “ Occupy” movement and proved it could not stand up to having its gourmet food kitchen removed, along with heating stoves for the freezing cold nights and have its library shut down.  So his decision to let the nursing homes in the Rockaways ride out Supper Storm Sandy and give the first responders practice in rescuing frail and ancient people was something in the bank for the next catastrophe which the mayor as a spokesman for the threat of Global Warming knows is coming for sure.  “Global Carbon Project researchers say that if emissions continue to grow so rapidly that the goal of limiting the ultimate warming of the planet to 3.6 degrees is problely unattainable.)  *NY Times 12/3/12 *

The city can’t afford to build seawalls like the Dutch around its thousands of miles of exposure and maybe this will wake the Feds up to ‘parting with more than chump change’.

The mayor is supposed to have said – off the record that maybe this will show Hillary that being Mayor of the Big Apple is tens times the trick of a land locked presidency) she should run for bleeping mayor if she wants to show the world that she has the balls to be where the rubber meets the road.  (Delete that last he said) and anyway Bloomberg Associate would probably be the only ones to find the finances for such a project.

Words of Wisdom 

“Obama proved himself to be imperial to the core…I do not hate the person because he has the potential to change…” *Cornell West* Booneville Advertiser.

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Two for one special! New books by Willem de Thouars and Sam Edwards

Two for one special! New books by Willem de Thouars and Sam Edwards

Eureka Productions is announcing a new special, available only at its website. For a limited time, Willem de Thouars’ new autobiographical A Journey Through Time and Sam Edwards’ Highway 20 Love Songs are available together for $15.99 plus shipping, which is more than a 30% savings. Both books are normally $24.99 plus shipping.

Orders must be purchased online here.


A Journey Through Time

By Willem de Thouars

A Journey Through Time Book coverWritten in the unmistakable voice of Kun Tao Silat master Willem de Thouars, A Journey Through Time is an autobiographical reflection of de Thouars’s combined lifetime passion for martial arts, history and philosophy. The great grandson of a Dutch tea plantation owner and his African American wife, Willem de Thouars inherited a complex cultural legacy. As the grandson of a skilled Silat practitioner, he was also uniquely positioned to partake in the rigorous martial arts training found in Indonesia. A Journey Through Time chronicles De Thouars’s over six decades of studies and observations of both eastern and western martial disciplines.

De Thouars, like a Kendang dancer or circling Bagua practitioner, weaves his personal odyssey into the larger theater of human migration, trade, and conquest in the island nations of Indonesia. The reader is taken though de Thouars’s boyhood in the Dutch East Indies, internment during Japanese occupation (1942-1946), displacement upon Indonesia’s independence from the Dutch, relocation to the Netherlands, and subsequent immigration to the United States in 1960.

The reader comes away with a richer understanding of the origins of Willem de Thouars’s style of Kun Tao Silat. A Journey Through Time represents the bounty of what life has taught de Thouars, including his devotion to the natural world, which is joyfully depicted in his animal illustrations found throughout the book.

About the Author

Willem de Thouars’s skills as Kun Tao Silat master and teacher have made him a sought after instructor at international martial arts seminars. Originally from Indonesia, he has lived in the United States since 1960. He currently resides in Denver, Colorado, with his wife Joyce.

Product Details

Paperback: 191 pages
Publisher: Eureka Productions
Price: $14.99 U.S.
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0615710743
ISBN-13: 978-0615710747


Highway 20 Love Songs

By Sam Edwards

Highway 20 in California inspires much; in this case, author Sam Edwards has masterfully crafted a collection of love songs presented as autobiographical verses and images. Numerous provocative photographs illustrate titles such as, “A Shortcut Through Purgatory,” “Ruminations,” “Memorial Day,” a mixed martial arts tract called “Fight Night at the Colusa Casino,” “The Bloody Island Massacre,” and an ode to a master blacksmith. Highway 20 bridges the old world with the new, which is both troubling and inspiring. Fans of Keroauc will appreciate Highway 20 Love Songs.

Product Details

Paperback: 54 pages, full color
Publisher: Eureka Productions
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0615710352
ISBN-13: 978-0615710358
Product Dimensions: 10 x 8 x 0.1 inches

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Masters on the Mountain 36 — Oct. 13 & 14, 2012

“Health, Healing and Knife Fighting”
‘Uncle’ Willem De Thouars
& Invited Instructors

• Stewart Lauper • Daniel Prasetya
• Janet Gee • James Painter • Keith Moffett
• Chuck Stahmann • Philip Sialas
• Stephen Watson • Eugene Robinson
• Santiago Terrases • Frank Broadhead
• ‘Dr.’ Cosme Castanieto • Darca Nicholson
• Sergey Makarenko • Marcello Rainero
• Gert Rasmussen
Ted Garcia • Mikel la Chapelle

Saturday & Sunday, October 13 & 14, 2012
$100 for both days—$75 for one day (helps with the cost)*.
Truckee, Calif. Call for address.

Register by phone (530) 412-2105 or below!


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Eureka Productions recognized for cutting edge documentaries and social issues videos

Eureka Productions won 14 awards this month at the 45th annual Worldfest-Houston International Film festival.

“We are delighted to say that your Remi Award assumes a very special significance this year, as more than 4,200 category entries were competing from 32 countries,” said Hunter Todd, director of Worldfest Houston.

Eureka Productions awards include “how- to” instructional videos, and documentaries about world peace, ‘breaking news,’ sports, fitness and healing, the integration of spiritual teachings in Indian government policies and more.

Eureka has previously won awards for its documentaries on Afghanistan, Central America, the Himalayas, sustainable logging, sustainable farming and more.

Eureka Productions, based in Mendocino and Truckee, Calif. specializes in martial arts, healing, and social issues documentary videos. The company’s martial arts production department focuses on cutting edge presentations of gigong, meditation, healing and the internal martial arts.

Statement from Hunter Todd founding director Worldfest Houston:

“More than 550 international filmmakers attended the 10 day cinema and video celebration and conference with masters classes in various aspects of film production,, finance, and distribution. We were blessed with filmmakers from all over the world; China, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, Thailand, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Nepal, Nigeria, England, Mexico, France, Germany, Spain, Russia, Bosnia, Eritrea, Croatia, Iraq, Iran, Canada, India, Pakistan, Italy, Taiwan, Israel, Japan, Germany, Scotland, Hungary, Lithuania, Slovenia, Bermuda, Viet Nam, Serbia, Poland, Greece, England, Poland, and even the good old USA!!!

“WorldFest did give first honors to Spielberg, Lucas, David Lynch, Ang Lee, Ridley Scott, The Coen Brothers, Brian De Palma, John Lee Hancock, Randal Kleiser and many more, so it is not only one of the longest-running film festivals in the world, it is also one of the most significant! We hope that we will be adding your name to that wonderful list of WorldFest Alumni very soon! My personal congratulations for a job very well done.”


On the Road with Shri Vibhu Ji “Tame the Mind”
1. Television Cable & Web-based productions Religion & Spirituality Gold
Ken Anderson: Sharing Tales from the Iditarod Trail
1. Television, Cable & Web-based productions Education Gold

India Welcomes the World
1. Television Cable & Web-based productions Religion & Spirituality Silver

The Marriage of Knowledge & Action with Satpal Maharaj 1. Films & Video Productions Ethic / Cultural: Silver

Masters on the Mountain : “Playing Martial Arts for the Fun of It” winning in 4 categories listed below:
1. Live Action with little or no dialogue: Silver
2. Sports (Television Cable and Web based productions) Bronze
3. Independent short subjects “live action Bronze”
4. Fitness “Commercials and Public Services” Bronze

The Problem is no Problem (with Mahatma Faqiranand)
1. Film and Video Productions Religion /Ethic /Spirituality Bronze
2. Television, Cable and web-based production: Live Events Bronze
3. Religious Programs “Television cable and web-based productions” Bronze

A Testament to Tong Ren
1. Television Cable & Web based “Local Public Service” Bronze
Occupy Wall Street
1. Television, Cable & Web-based productions “Single breaking news story coverage” Bronze

The Deflection, Absorption & Emission of Energy with Sergey Makarenko
1. Television, Cable and Web-based Productions Live Events Bronze

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Masters on the Mountain 35: March 31 and April 1, 2012

March 31 & April 1, 2012
Truckee, Calif.

“Brave Heart Special”
with James Painter

Stewart Lauper • Daniel Prasetya • Janet Gee • James Painter • Keith Moffett • Chuck Stahmann • Phillip Sailas • Eugene Robinson • Santiago Terrases • Frank Broadhead • Cosme Castanieto • Darca Nicholson  • Chen Kuan Chung • Sergey Makarenko • Wilfredo Gonzalez • Mikel la Chapelle

In Truckee, Calif. Call for addres

$100 for both days—$75 for one day (helps bring in the players who live far away). We will be renting a house for lodging for 3 days (please send $50 to make this happen).

Register by phone (800) 937–3142 or via Paypal below.




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