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The Magus of Denver

The Magus of Denver is a biographical sketch of an Indonesian Master martial arts teacher, transplanted to Denver, Willem de Thouars, who came as an immigrant, needing to survive economically in a new society, first as a janitor and then as a steel worker, who nonetheless in the world of martial arts and healing was respected as a shaman, as a magus, the video shows a student of Willem, the videographer, traveling to Willem from Lake Tahoe, to see that the old ways of training are still alive and well and that the investigation of more esoteric aspects of breath control are happening here in the USA.

The Deflection, Absorption & Emission of Energy

Sergey Makarenko takes Masters on the Mountain participants through a series of brutal exercises from MOTM34.

Ken Anderson: Sharing Tales form the Iditarod Trail

Ken anderson, Yukon Quest and Iditarod musher, travels to two schools in Alaska to speak about sled dog racing, its history and his experiences in it.

A Testament to Tong Ren

Tom Tam and Eleanor Marks talk about the healing art of  Tong Ren. We also hear from some of Tom’s patients for whom the treatment has been invaluable.

Masters on the Mountain: For the Fun of It Promo

This is a 10-minute compilation of some of the more jovial and provoking lessons from the Masters on the Mountain seminars, a cutting edge martial arts seminar series in the high Sierra Nevada mountains, held twice a year.

Occupy Wall Street

On Oct 2, 2011, before the Occupy movement was in full swing, Eureka Productions took cameras to Wall Street and captured this slice of the beginning of a national movement.

Lakeside Wisdom with Mahatma Faqiranand

Enlightened thoughts from Mahatma Faqiranand from a lakeside Florida location.

Kumbh Mela 2010

Eureka Productions takes us on a unique trip to the largest religious gathering in the world, Kumbh Mela, held (in 2010) in Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India. Guided at times by long-time friend Shardey Singh Rawat, Sam Edwards documents the massive scope of just one small portion of the gathering, as well as the provisions that were made for all the attendees.

Welcome to Cayuga

A park in San Francisco houses a menagerie of beautiful wooden sculptures carved by one man, Demetrio Braceros. In this short documentary, we hear from volunteers, residents, city officials and Demetrio himself about how inspiring and important this park and its art are to the community — so much so that even the local government, making improvements in the local mass transit system, are concerned with the preservation of this space and the art that occupies it.

Breathe thru the Pain (Masters on the Mountain)

Sergey Makarenko shows the participants of the Masters on the Mountain 30 seminar how not to conserve physical energy and also how to regulate one’s breathing in order to endure otherwise intolerable pain.

The Road to Nagasake: A World Peace Tour

Eureka Productions takes us on a boat trip with Satpal Singh Rawat and about 300 followers to Nagasaki, Japan. Satpal discusses the concept of infinity and the universe as it relates to his faith and the rejuvenation of the once bombed out city.