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India 4: Tales of the Cosmic Ego

 7.6mb pdf

Excerpt: “How did Creation come into being?  In Sanatan Dharam there’s a beautiful story about how this happened. Like a child is born from the mother’s womb, the whole universe, before anything came to be, was in a Cosmic Womb, which we call Hiranyagarbha.  This again is a complicated Indian word, so I’ve simplified it to ‘Cosmic Womb’.”


India 3: On the Road With Shri Vibhuji Maharah

 3.51mb pdf

Excerpt: “All problems exist because man is ignorant of himself and others. If man, through hardship, through self-realization, which is the path of enlightenment, can remove his ignorance, then there is no problem.”




India Part 2: The Ancient Spiritual Sciences on the Fast Track 

 631kb pdf

Excerpt: “Being liberated means to truly find yourself. You don’t have to give up anything. One of the greatest philosophies of spirituality teaches us that we are complete in ourselves, it is just that we do not know it. That is the ignorance that has come into our lives. All of us have been given a spiritual force which is present inside us, which is beyond time, which is beyond limitations, which is beyond what we call the ‘gunas’ (attributes), beyond anything that is restricted.”



India Part 1: The Ancient Spiritual Sciences on the Fast Track

 1 mb pdf

Excerpt: “There are some 3,000 now in India, which in combination with other ashram systems, provide a powerful political affect in breaking down class barriers as well as a social net insuring protection from the abyss of the third world’s economic black hole.”