Broadsides (free)

The Principality of Mendocino

775 kb pdf

Excerpt: “So I want you to widen your pupils and I want you to narrow your pupils to bring life to the eye. Our eyes do not have all the life they need.”





Crossing the Border to Alaska Time

12 mb pdf

Excerpt: “The Kennicott’s 13 knot voyage amid the gravel bars of America’s past is marked by the buoys of place whose boys are still eager to learn what their fathers know.”


Memorial Day

5 mb pdf

Excerpt: “No “die hippy and find your white rabbit spoke by short haired dads to their sons’ nodding acquaintances”


Shraddeyji: The Eternal Energy

Excerpt: “You see, wherever there is a religious text, where there is a master, it is all there as a guide to help us to realise our Self, but the moment you have realised your Self, there is a direct connection between you and your spirit and God, so then you do not need the rosary, you do not need texts, because you are free.”




Last Days of the Empire

4 mb pdf

Excerpt: “At last mired in toil and laments
Banalized by the short handle hoe
The homeless have stooped to conquer
Adrift on each endless row”



Highway 20 Love Songs

12 mb pdf

Excerpt: “My third ex-wife also fell
Insuring that our son, born three minutes before his brother”


A Shortcut Through Purgatory

1.5 mb pdf

Excerpt: “Digging for meaning, Driven by memories”


nam-e-shab: Afghanistan after the Taliban

751k pdf

Excerpt: “Whereas the Mujahadeen commanders used to complain about lack of arms to fight the Soviets, Afghan teachers now complain about lack of books, desks, windows, pencils and money for teachers’ salaries.”