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Nirvana Through Impact Magazine (free)


Nirvana Through Impact, Vol. 1, No. 7 

 2.8 mb pdf

Excerpt: “Masters on the Mountains happens in the Sierras every April, and is always deep in my consideration as an event I never like to miss. For the many events Sam has staged, this needs a reward by itself for the human expressions of happy practice – that martial arts is just for fun.”


Nirvana Through Impact, Vol. 1, No. 6 

 3.35 mb pdf

Masters on the Mountain 36: The Wealth of TAI-CHI is Living It.

Excerpt: “Tai chi in its purest sense relates very much to how we breathe and cultivate our stomach muscles to airlessness – and conserve our stimulus control – by the intake (inhale) and releasing of breath (exhaling).”


Nirvana Through Impact, Vol. 1, No. 5 

 3.35 mb pdf

Masters on the Mountain 34: Inhaling the Pleasantries of Pain at Truckee’s “Fighting Club”

Excerpt: A fter all, Masters on the Mountains is not about a style or art, but a small martial environment hidden deep in the Sierras of Nevada. The members are all caring for each other and share alike as family; my reason to feel very attracted to them. It is unusual to find a wild bunch of healthy martial practitioners as the ones in the Sierra Fighting Club.


 Nirvana Through Impact, Vol. 1, No. 4

 3.1 mb pdf

Masters 33 report by Willem de Thouars: A Martial Event Where Learning Doesn’t Need to be Scary. Excerpt: “Never in my entire life, was I more of an enthusiast of attending a gathering, very unique, of perhaps the most skilled practitioners ever coming together as a family. There were no uniforms, no sashes, no ranking systems, no maestros, no pendekars or other ego-inspired rankings.”




Nirvana Through Impact Vol 1, No. 3:

 22 mb pdf

Masters 26 pictorial by Sita Edwards.





Nirvana Through Impact, Vol. 1, No. 2

 1.9 mb pdf

  • “Saying Uncle” by Eugene Robinson
  • “Being a Bad-Ass” by James Painter
  • “Self-Heal the Warrior Way” by Willem de Thouars
  • And more.

Excerpt: “At my school when I’m training a lot and training pretty hardcore — what I think is really hard — the thing is that I try not to do it to hurt anyone. That’s why I like to grapple. With grappling you can go hard and not hurt anyone. The thing is not to take numerous shots to the head, like in boxing. I used to box and you get a lot of soft tissue damage, so we try to avoid that. Grappling is a good way to avoid that.”

 Nirvana Through Impact (photomagazine, 3.84 pdf)