Best of Health and Healing

Thirteen gifted, unconventional, and disarmingly humble martial artists and healers share their wisdom in this 37 minute, Best of Health and Healing, video. Healing oneself and others is a vital skill for martial artists. This sampling of instructors from Masters on the Mountain events reinforces how deeply interconnected the worlds of martial and healing arts are interconnected.

The video threads its way through excerpts of instruction shared by the following: Cosme Castanieto, Willem “Uncle” de Thouars (Silat), Darca Nicholson (Yoga), Janet Gee (Kung Fu), Itamar Vinitzky, Steve Buck, Meiv Schneider, Daniel Prasetya (Silat), Stewart Lauper (Progressive Martial Arts), Sergey Makarenko (Systema), Stephen Watson (Tai Chi), and James Painter (Painter Jiu Jitsu).

Common themes throughout the video include understanding anatomy and body mechanics, as well as how energy moves. Much of the instruction promotes application based learning of both martial and healing practices, taking it beyond the theoretical to real world pragmatism. Best of Health and Healing opens up a “tool-box” of ideas, providing viewers with new tools perhaps, or new ways to look at old ones. Those looking for fresh ideas on health and martial training will be delighted to discover the array of deep and mindful thinking within Best of Health and Healing.

1 DVD: 37 minutes

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