Masters on the Mountain 13

Masters on the Mountain 13

new generation of master teachers contine Uncle Bill’s legacy with an
increased emphasis on giving up body structure for energetic alignment
and inner breath. Contains the usual unlikely catalog of arts seemingly
dissimilar–from Prison Rocknroll Fighting and Special Forces
Intelligence skills to Tai Chi rooting and Indonesian fighting.

This two-volume set features:

  • Stewart Lauper–Friendly Free Fighting (overcoming fear with laughter)
  • James Painter–Prison Rocknroll Jiu Jitsu
  • Janet Gee–The Yin Chi of Tiger Style
  • Keith Moffett–Kun Tao Silat Knife Without the Frills
  • Philip Sialas–Become the Monkey in Monkey Boxing
  • David Ayres–Iron Shirt Training with a Denver Twist
  • Chuck Stahmann–Kuntao Silat de Thouars, and
  • Frank Broadhead–Put Tai Chi Root in your Training

Filmed digitally, we make our copies from a DVD master.

3 videos, $30