Masters On the Mountain 27

Masters on the Mountain 27 1 DVD documentary of the West Coast’s premier health, healing and martial arts seminar, 63 minutes

Quantum Health

Masters of Touch Seminar #27

Master healers spent a day near California’s Russian River sharing age-old healing wisdom. Featured instructors include:

  • Cosme Castanieto — The Sierra’s own cosmic healer from a famous Hawaiian lineage.
  • Dr. Meier Schneider — For decades teaching the lame to walk and the visually impaired (including himself) to see.
  • Dr. Itamar Vinitzky — Health trainer of Israel’s National Teams.
  • ‘Dr.’ Stephen Watson — Teaches the amazingly powerful meridian line massage favorite of great fighters of old.
  • Darca Nicholson — Offers her unique Yoga, famous in martial arts circles for freeing powerful, muscle-bound bodies.
  • Sifu Janet Gee — Legendary martial arts teacher, health practitioner and artist in residence at the Smithsonian, Sifu Gee passes on the agile movements of the tiger.
  • Frank Broadhead & Roger Sadlo – Demonstrating the absolute fun and total relaxation of Feldenkrais martial play and Tai Chi Chuan

1 DVD: $10