Masters on the Mountain 29

Masters on the Mountain 29: 2 DVDs

Masters on the Mountain is an intensive 2-day seminar that occurs three times each year on the West Coast.  The Masters class includes Russian Martial Arts training, mediation, muscle memory and other spiritual techniques to improve how mind, body and spirit work together to create harmony in one’s life.  Instructors and students are shown interacting in a positive manner in a supportive atmosphere.  Make no mistake, this is not just a touchy-feely exercise.  These people are doing hard core work to balance their entire self so they are in touch with themselves and the world around them.  The instructors carefully explain how each movement we make impacts those around the student.

This 2 DVD set contains day one of Masters on the Mountain 29 plus a second DVD from day two: “Systema Comes to the Mountain.”

2 DVDs: $20.00