Masters on the Mountain 33 Vol. 2 DVD

Masters on the Mountain is an intensive 2-day seminar that occurs three times each year in the western Sierras. Masters on the Mountain 33, spring 2011, showcases many familiar, and in some cases venerated, representatives of the martial arts community.

In this video you’ll find Mikel LaChapelle (Jiu Jitsu), James Painter (Painter Jitsu), Stewart Lauper (Progressive Martial Arts), Willem “Uncle” de Thouars (Kun Tao Silat), Sergey Makarenko (Russian Systema), Keith Moffett (Silat), Chen Kuan Chung (Tai Chi), Cosme Castanieto, and possibly an unexpected yet unsurprising grappling version of interpretative dance.

There’s always a new twist on martial and healing arts at Masters!

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1 DVD, $10

Video Length: 43m 54s

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