Search for the Truth in Your True Self: On the Road with Shri Vibhu Ji

This video offers an introduction from Shri Vibhu Ji’s Duality of Ourselves video, but quickly transitions to a satsang recognizable from the Tame the Mind video. This video contains ten additional minutes of satsang footage, in which Shri Vibhu Ji expounds on the importance of being the change you wish to see in the world by searching for the divine within yourself.

In Search for the Truth in your True Self, Shri Vibhu Ji engages Manav Dharam devotees about the eternal vibration, or breath, within each of us. To still the mind, and experience the totality of life in a sustained state of samadhi, Shri Vibhu Ji discusses the importance of this eternal breath, and breathing as the means each of has to dispel maya (illusion). To overcome suffering, Shri Vibhu Ji councils washing the mind of chatter to experience each moment as it’s meant to be, new. The journey to live a balanced life of purity and love starts and ends within each of us, and within each of us resides the power to manifest this transformation. He offers an uncomplicated solution, breath, remain true to yourself, and live with unconditional compassion.

1 DVD: 32m 25s

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