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Tame the Mind | Eureka Productions

Tame the Mind

In Tame the Mind, Shri Vibhu Ji engages Manav Dharam devotees about the mind’s creation of duality through attachment to memories and cultural conditioning, and the negative mental segregation which lead to suffering as a result. To overcome suffering, Shri Vibhu Ji councils washing the mind of chatter to experience each moment as it’s meant to be, new.

The journey to live a balanced life of purity and love starts and ends within each of us, and within each of us resides the power to manifest this transformation. To still the mind, and experience the totality of life in a sustained state of samadhi, Shri Vibhu Ji discusses the importance of the eternal breath, and breathing as the means each of has to dispel maya (illusion). He offers an uncomplicated solution, breath, remain true to yourself, and live with unconditional compassion.

This video offers a smaller portion of excerpts from Shri Vibhu Ji’s “The Duality of Ourselves” video, but includes footage from a third satsang where he offers the teaching that within each of us is the seed of the divine, which only grows if the conditions are correct. In the end we travel from oneself to oneself, and this is a truth to live by.

Video length 22m17s

1 DVD: $10

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