The Marriage of Knowledge and Action: A Day with Satpal Maharaj


In this video, Maharaj, accompanied by his wife Amrita Rawat, blesses a new ashram in Orlando, Florida, calling it a seed with which to grow the tree of spiritual study for those seeking truth through the “marriage” of karma (action) and knowledge. Maharaj’s blessing weaves through parables and scientific analogies to illustrate the belief that within our breath God is uttering a word, a constant vibration connecting and interconnecting everything. One notable “take-away” from Maharaj’s address is that spiritual practice is a wealth that no thief can steal, emphasizing as example the spiritual wealth of the many Bhutanese refugees who devotedly practice satsang (meditation) in the United States and elsewhere.

Satpal Maharaj’s address was to the devotees at the Marav Dharam Ashram, in Orlando, Florida. It was accomplished before traveling to New York as a Member of the Parliament of India to speak on “The Thematic Debate on Conventional Weapons” at the United Nations General Assembly, October 19, 2011.

1 DVD (35 min.): $10 U.S.

About Satpal Maharaj:

Satpal Maharaj is the founder and head of the Manav Utthan Seva Samiti, which aspires to manifest ‘Knowledge in Action’. It operates a wide range of charitable and social services through its network of more than 3,000 ashrams and centers. Its events regularly draw 100,000 people or more to its ashrams in Haridwar and New Delhi. Maharaj’s political service has spanned twenty-three years. He is currently a Member of the Indian Parliament.

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