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Our man on the spot II | Eureka Productions

Our man on the spot II

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Our Man on the Spot #2

Modified AR-15 courtesy of Wikipedia.

Modified AR-15 courtesy of Wikipedia.

As for the marketing of the AR-15, semi-auto rifle made famous in recent days, Tom Diaz author of “The Last Gun” says, “It speaks to the fact there are a lot of young men in the U.S. who will never be in the military, but feel that male compulsion to warrior-hood.”

On the other hand, Ted Nugent, who said of the President Obama’s ideas about curtailing gun violence, to Pierce Morgan of MSNBC (Jan. 4, 2013) that he wouldn’t give credence to anything at all “The scammer in chief,” had to say but he knew, “that an armed society is a police society.” (Polite society, he said he meant to say.)


Fight Night at Colusa Casino can be found in Sam Edward’s Highway 20
Love Songs.

Another way of describing the protagonists in this debate can be found in the narrative “Fight Night at Colusa Casino.” As County deputies at the venue box office checked for weapons and correctly dated tickets. Inside were the tattooed camp followers of The Generation Kill invasion force, perhaps too smart to volunteer, but more than able to levitate to America The Beautiful.


One of the “Open Carry”- affiliated salesmen, a Glock on his hip at the MSNBC event with Pierce, was overheard at a gun range in Texas, to say to a cameraman:

“You better be armed for the next cataclysmic weather event you people in The East like to predict because we’re keeping immigrant pythons downs here and sending you two-legged immigrants. You’ll find in the next hurricane it will be nice to have a Bushmaster (AR-15) riding shotgun and keeping the ‘emotionally diverse,’ as you like to call them – we call them mobs – on the street, or as in Katrina, on their side of the river – and not in your showroom or your storeroom.”


Alexis de Tocqueville said about America in 1830, “Though there are rich men, the class of rich men does not exist, for these rich individuals have no feeling or purposes, no traditions or hope in common… (however) if ever a permanent inequality of conditions and aristocracy again penetrates into the world, it may be predicted that this is the gate by which they will enter.”

Alexis de Tocqueville courtesy of Wikipedia.

Alexis de Tocqueville courtesy of Wikipedia.Alexis de Tocqueville said about America in 1830, “Though there are rich men, the class of rich men does not exist, for these rich individuals have no feeling or purposes, no traditions or hope in common… (however) if ever a permanent inequality of conditions and aristocracy again penetrates into the world, it may be predicted that this is the gate by which they will enter.”


Mitt Romney, who did time in France proselytizing for Latter Day Saints, is reputed to have said in passable French,

“One Frog I’ve read is de Tocqueville, who knew that the USA is a nation of merchants you can’t count on to vote, even if a shopkeeper, so you’ve sometimes got to herd them toward their own self-interest. Of course herds need to stick together. It’s natural selection, my friend, and forgive my French, but you don’t fuck with mother nature.”


The Rector of All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena, Rev. J. Edwin Bacon Jr., says,

“There’s a culture of fear in America, a perversion of Christianity which has turned it into a religion of fear, which it of course is not.” (Times, Dec. 14, 2012)

Even Mitt was heard to say off the record, and off mic, that he thought that the heavy hitters of “Born agains” would inevitably drive the most weak and disabled – those who usually have government subsistence – into the open arms of modern day LDS.


The Times reported that Col. James L. Pohl, the military judge at Guantanamo who is overseeing the prosecution of Khalid Shaikh Mohammad and four others accused of conspiring in the September 11th attack, granted a request by prosecutors to treat anything the detainees say about the CIA interrogations as classified. (Dec. 14, 2012)

Off the record he said to reporters,

“It’s that old Vegas maxim: What’s said or done here, stays here.”


The business sections of major newspapers, as they drop foreign correspondents as fast as the Dow, have become good reading. Check out Gretchen Morgansen and many others.

“We can learn there are many institutional investors who have so perfected the art of looking the other way, that they make bystanders at a New York subway platform standing by ‘when shit happens,’ look like the models of social responsibility.”


However, there’s still the sports section. Greg Bishop wrote on Dec. 30, 2012:

“Juan Manual Marquez ended his fight with Manny Pacquiao with a concussion and a broken nose. He climbed into the ring looking less like a boxer and more like a body builder.”

“He recently has been trained by Angel Guillermo Heredia, an admitted steroid dealer. But Marquez has long been an experimental kind of boxer – early into his career, he drank his own urine during training.”

Romney, never to miss an opportunity, visited Pacquiao, a member of the Philippines legislature, before the fight and told him: “I ran for President. I lost, but it was one of the best nights of my life.” (Times) He never clarified which night, his or Pacquiao’s.


Asked about a rape case involving several Stuebenville High School football players, at an out of control party (Times, Dec. 16, 2012), Police Chief William Macafferty said about the numerous do-nothing bystanders: “If you could charge people for not being decent human beings, a lot of people could have been charged that night.”


As to the role of paperwork – files and such – Matthew Hull in “government of paper,” says, “to control the movement of the files is to control the issue.”

He cites an example of this as positive effect when Charles Hippolyte de La Bussière, a French government cleric, who, in 1794, purportedly saved hundreds of people from the Guillotine by dissolving the relevant paperwork in Paris public baths, or as one version of the story has it, eating it.


Oakland, Calif. residents, on Saturday, December 15, 2012, waited in a long line of cars (SF Chronicle ) to turn in guns, some with flowers in the muzzle, for Christmas cash.


Reading in bed probably does not rank with fishing in the Bering Sea, but it has recently qualified as a risky activity because “bed bugs have discovered a new way to hitchhike in and out of beds – in library books.” (Times, Dec. 6, 2012)


Paul Krugman (Dec. 10, 2012), said:

“The economic pie isn’t growing the way it should … capitol is doing fine by grabbing an even larger share at labor’s expense. Technology has taken a turn (robots) that places labor at a disadvantage … robber barons on one side, robots on the other.” (Times, Jan. 27, 2013)


In an interview Steve Sanetti, president of the National Shooting Sports Foundation, said it’s necessary to bring young people into shooting sports.

“Start them young,” one report concluded. “Manufactures should target programs toward youth 12 years old and younger.”

In another report, according to the Times, the authors warned against using human silhouettes for targets when trying to recruit new shooters. “Bait and switch,” one official said to the reporter. “You guys with all your firearm safety stuff and not pointing a firearm at another human, unless you intend to shoot, take a lot of the fun out of shooting sports.”

“If the industry is to survive…” Junior shooters editor Andy Fink, wrote, “gun enthusiasts must embrace all youth shooting activities including ones using semi-automatic firearms with magazines holding 30-100 rounds.” (Times)


Tammy Duckworth, newly elected U.S. representative and double amputee after the helicopter she was flying in Iraq crashed, called them “chicken hawks” – those, who in this day and age, say it is not necessary to have served in the armed services to be a patriot and know when we should go to war.

For, as they, the chicken hawks, told this reporter, “You only have to read ‘Kill Anything That Moves‘ to know that, of the hundreds of thousands U.S forces killed in Vietnam, the vast majority was from high altitude bombing, Agent Orange, napalm runs, or agitating a farmer or fisherman to reveal himself, by running from the helicopter hovering overhead proving he or she had something to hide, and deserved to be one more gook gone. Kill them all and let God sort them out.”




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