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Brendan Gourneau Sr. Reads “James,” a poem by Sam Edwards | Eureka Productions

Brendan Gourneau Sr. Reads “James,” a poem by Sam Edwards

Posted by on August 10, 2014 in Blog | 0 comments

Watch the video below:



James is a friend and mentor

(Well he wrestles with me in a wise way)

He is part Washoe and lives in the Washoe Valley

Abutting the vertical rise of the Sierras

in the scud of inexpensive burbs.

But when you enter James’s

You’ve left America middle class framing behind the pickups and their

maintenance is not so important.


It will all be wept away soon,

Tidiness is definitely not the big gringo as it is for those

moving up the fast food chain!


You are now on ‘Res time’, and it will all be swept away soon.

There is the required pack of dogs in the backyard and no matter.

Baggy trousers are now in favor and Shamans, (and even dancers)

along with bouncers and knife fighters arrive in sweats.


But there is no arrival without a present,

soon there’s a relationship of giving.

I learned that there and the pre-eternity promise

Of the dance and the sunset

And that can be created out of sweat and intent

To create a future of dream time

James says, “I’m never leaving here right here in this sage

across from the elders there.”


Those peaks keeping an eye on things,

“All this shit will be swept away soon and I will be here

I’m just hurrying things along.”

But if you have no place to stay, you can stay here as long as you want.

I don’t know much Spanish, (so I’ll ask my lifetime friend Harry) for the words,

So you’ll just have to get it!

Mi casa su casa




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