Martial Arts Documentaries

Fight to Breath Right: Sergey Makarenko

Training for optimum breathing while under duress is often overlooked yet essential for martial artists, and for enhanced vitality in everyday life for everyone. In this Eureka production video, follow Sergey Makarenko, Russian martial art Systema instructor and 4th degree black belt in Kodokan Judo, as he leads a class through exercises designed to replicate physical duress and how to breathe through it. MORE…

Tom Tam: Believe in Chi: The Healing Power of Tong Ren

Eastern cultures believe that Chi is the life force that connects all living things. Imbalance in Chi is what results in diseases such as cancer, MS, Parkinson’s and other life robbing illnesses. Tom Tam specializes in acupuncture and other ancient healing arts to help those affected with life threatening illnesses gain balance in their being. Many of his patients discuss their illnesses and why they believe Tom Tam’s therapies help them attain health after devastating illness. Mr. Tam talks about how imbalances occur and how Chi can be restored so his patients can live lives to their very fullest.

1 DVD, 10.00

The Magus of Denver
A new generation of master teachers contine Uncle Bill’s legacy with an increased emphasis on giving up body structure for energetic alignment and inner breath.

Combat in the Classroom

Keeping at-risk teens in school with martial arts.

A Short Trip on The Internal Path

Watch Gringo martial artists visit Taiwain to explore and learn more about the internal martial arts. Featuring C.K. Chern’s brilliant Vertical
Axis Tai Chi with a number of demonstrations as to its effectiveness. A
2001 Bronze Medal Winning video.

Secrets of Self Healing With Chi Kung & Tai Chi

See how the injured heal with various internal arts excercises over some years with various master teachers including C.K. Chern, Willem de Thouars, B.K. Frantzis, Arthur Goodridge and more! An Award Winning video.