Combat in the Classroom

Keeping at-risk teens in school with the martial arts

Steve Buck, in the companion newsletter to this video, describes how the internal arts helped him come out of his own emotional straight jacket.

why not try it in his profession–as a special education teacher work
with emotionally disturbed teens? Steve describes individual stories
from his years of teaching where one of his kids would have his
repressed history of abuse broached to the surface by the physical
contact of training, and, as Steve says of one such narrative, "It was
a breakthrough for him, the kind of kid unable to benefit from the
verbal therapuetic route." Steve made new realizations about himself by
feeling the chi and understanding his own sensations.

program, while politically incorrect in the high-school climate, seems
to work as his kids have gone on to finish high school, go to college
and find suitable adult vocations .

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