Fight to Breathe Right

Follow Sergey Makarenko, Russian martial art Systema instructor and fourth-degree black belt in Kodokan Judo, as he leads a class through exercises designed to replicate physical duress and how to breathe through it.

To release the innate relationship with breathing that we are all born with, Sergey masterfully guides students through a series of exercises that both teachers and students of martial arts can benefit from.

In these exercises, participants learn body and breath awareness, control over self and the capacity to continue moving under duress and fear. As Sergey explains, it takes emotional, mental and physical energy to maintain tension. Learning to breathe properly frees energy for enhanced circulation, mobility, and vitality in training and everyday life.

In Fight to Breathe Right, Sergey guides participants through two types of breath-work, long relaxed healing breathing and short burst breathing. These are employed while students challenge themselves, and each other, by engaging in exercises detailed in the video.


Sergey Makarenko has been practicing competitive and combat martial arts since 1978. Mr. Makarenko was awarded the title, Master of Sport, in the USSR, in both Sambo and Judo. The honorary title, Honored Master of Sport of the USSR, was established in 1934, by a resolution of the Central Executive Committee of the USSR.

Mr. Makarenko holds a 4th degree black belt in Kodokan Judo. He is also a mechanical and energy engineer. In 1992, he moved to California, where he has continued teaching Judo, combat Sambo, and Systema. His professional martial career cumulated with winning his weight division in the World Masters Judo Championship, 2001. After meeting Vladimir Vasiliev, Mr. Makarenko became his student, and now primarily teaches the Russian martial art of Systema.

Video Length: 37m 5s