Masters on the Mountain 17

“Playing martial arts for the fun of it”

Ancient ways of health, healing and fitness are documented in this two day martial arts seminar, featuring:

  • Tai Chi for healthy joints— Frank Broadhead
  • Chiropractic self help for the serious player— James Murphy, D.C.
  • Invest in the loss of superfluous effort through Feldenkrais martial movement— Roger Sadlo
  • Learn to give up addiction to vision through martial play— Stewart Lauper
  • Learn awareness from within through play fighting (Chi-Sau)— Keith Moffit
  • Heal, feel and strike with sound— Janet gee
  • Spiraling ba qua for health and survival— Chuck Stahmann
  • Feeling the un-seeable— James Painter , prison fighting

2 DVDs: $20

Shortened Verion, 30 min. sampler DVD: $10