Masters on the Mountain 28

Masters on the Mountain 28: Nirvana Through Impact 2 DVD documentary of the West Coast’s premier health, healing and martial arts seminar

Featuring Willem “Uncle Bill” de Thouars

On the weekend of October 11, 2008, a unique mix of master martial arts teachers and healers gathered to give a two-day seminar on cutting edge martial arts techniques from Russian Systema, Kun Tao Silat, Rocknroll Prison Fighting, Tai Chi, mixed-martial arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and a range of yoga and healing practices to keep the body in tune.

Nirvana Through Impact features players and master martial artists, including:

Stewart Lauper, Daniel Prasetya, Janet Gee, James Painter, Keith Moffett, Chuck Stahmann, Philip Sialas, Stephen Watson, Eugene Robinson, Darca Nicholson, Santiago Terrases, Frank Broadhead, Sergey Makarenko, Marcello Ronero, Ted Garcia, Cosme Castiento and Michael Lachapelle.

Masters on the Mountain is one of the most diverse martial arts seminars that are held on the West Coast because the two-day events blend everything from yoga and tai chi to the latest mixed martial arts techniques and the hard styles of Russian Systema and Kung Tao Silat.

2 DVDs: $20.00