Masters on the Mountain 35 Vol. 2 – Spring 2012

Masters on the Mountain is an intensive 2-day seminar that occurs twice each year in the western Sierras. Masters on the Mountain 35, spring 2012, showcases many familiar, and in some cases venerated, representatives of the martial arts community.

In this video you’ll find master Willem “Uncle” de Thouars (Kun Tao Silat), innovator James Painter (Painter Jitsu), Sergey Makarenko (Russian Systema), fierce technician Keith Moffett (Silat), Cosme Castanieto, and FIGHT author, Eugene Robinson (Jiu Jitsu).

According to founder Sam Edwards, “This gathering rose when high level practitioners spontaneously drifted together to play, without taking themselves too seriously.” In Masters 35, you’ll find monkey boxing, chi chung, energy work, how to deal with fear through gross motor skill striking, catch wrestling, and more. There’s always a new twist on martial and healing arts at Masters!

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 1 DVD, Video Length: 60m 

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