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Spinal Energy Pa Kua & Monkey Boxing | Eureka Productions

Spinal Energy Pa Kua & Monkey Boxing

A summary of Willem’s principles assembled over the past few years from seminars held throughout the country, ranging from knife work to Willem’s unique energy and healing insights. Rooted in Kun Tao Silat. Willem uses all the facets of the inernal and external martial arts to create his own unique “backyard” and he encourages us all to be free and take what we want.

He wants us above all to react spontaneously with internal power. He emphasizes equally high frame, low frame and ground Pa Kua — if ever there was a master practitioner who wants only to set us free it’s Willem. The tapes are bound together by Willem’s discussion of martial and living principles from fifty years a ‘player.’

2 videos, 4 hours: $20