Social Issues Videos

World Peace Tour DVD

Samuel Edwards takes us on a boat trip with Satpal Singh Rawat and about 300 followers to Nagasaki, Japan. Satpal discusses the concept of infinity and the universe as it relates to his faith and the rejuvenation of the once bombed out city. Order here.

Forging a Cherokee Life DVD

We visit with Cherokee blacksmith, Curtis Green, in Rio Arriba County, New Mexico. Curtis shares the ins and outs of his craft and its story, as well as his wish to help others utilize ’smithing as a way to make a living. Order here.


A few days in Afghanistan after the fall of the Taliban. 2003 Bronze Medal Winner.

Afghan Resistance Leaders: True Freedom Fighters

Invitation to Garden

1996 Gold Medal Winner at Worldfest Film Festival. A “how to” video about bringing sustainable agriculture to the planet through micro-farming.

After Another Year of War: Dinner in Managua

“This is a fine film piece on Nicaragua. If truth is what we seek, this should be a must-see for Americans.”
– ED ASNER, actor

Sing to Me the DreamLiving in a State of Denial with Holly Near and the People of El Salvador singing liberation songs. Graphic footage.

Why Can’t We Harvest Trees Like Carrots or Potatoes?

Finalist in various film festivals! One community takes on the issue.

Eureka Video Magazine

Four videos on one tape. Contains True Freedom Fighters, Dinner in Managua, Secret Wars of the C.I.A. & Hidden Places of the Himalayas