Sing to Me the Dream

Living in a State of Denial with Holly Near and the People of El Salvador

Sing to me the dream is a video documentary about music freedom. The initial setting is a music festival for Peace in El Salvador where armed soldiers surrounded the stage and military helicopters buzzed overhead.

Holly Near, well known singer, song writer and activist is shown on stage that day as a prologue to this video about the life music of a people on trial for their mere existence as Eduardo Gonzales, lead singer of the popular insurrectionary group Cutomay Cumonos featured in this film says:

“It’s not easy to struggle, it’s not easy to be part of the popular movement on the streets of El Salvador now. It’s not easy to confront yourself directly with the repression, with the death squads. It’s not easy, so people need something more than only sadness. You need something more. Then you have the spirit of the whole people.”

And the resilient, undefeated spirit of the Salvadorian people comes across clearly in this video.

This era of “resistance” in the U.S. is depicted from flotilla’s of the “Peace Navy” disrupting U.S. naval fleet activities to the non-violent blockade of the trains loaded with munitions for the military of El Salvador.

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