On the Pilgrimage Trail: Hidden Places of the Himalayas

This video is in a sense a “travelogue” to one of the world’s least known and most troubled areas. This is the story of one man’s single handed efforts to restore the economic and spiritual health of the is ancient pilgrimage route to the “Top of the World.” The making of the video itself took on the stress of a pilgrimage.

Hidden Places of the Himalayas is a trip to Tibet from India over the traditional pilgrimage and trade route with a leader of the movement to revitalize the Himalayas spiritually and economically. The traditional interpretation of this trip as a pilgrimage journey within our own bodies is never forgotten by the guide of this journey, Shri Satpal Ji. Along the way the economic, political and religious turmoil of India is ever making its presence known so that there is a dramatic tension to the video not always found in travel videos.

1 DVD: $10